WP632AM, the latest of the Mitsui Woodpecker series of portable tapping exfoliation detector, with built-in display increased usability while keeping the mechanical structure and detection capabilities same as WP632CE. In developing WP632AM, development team thoroughly reviewed and updated farmware and software. In addition, WP632AM conforms with JIS and RoHS standards, and other relevant regulations and requirements. WP632AM also displays inspection results in two-dimension by attaching XY-plotter available as an accessory for further analysis of the materials.

Bombardier Aerospace has authorized WP632AM as approved testing device for the Bombardier Dash-8 Series Q400 aircraft.
TASK #54-11-17 & TAST #54-11-18

Communication Software

WP632AM comes with communication software which allows users to view and/or download measured data on a PC.

Superior Features

  • Compact design and lightweight allows single handed operation
  • Simple and easy to operate
        WP632AM has only two switches, the start switch to actuate the hammer
        (and also to turn on power), and the memory switch to set standard value.
  • High detection sensitivity
  • Detects debond while moving.
        WP632AM detects debonds even while moving on the surface of testing objects.
        (speed must not exceed 20cm/s).
  • It excels in wear-resistance.
        Unlike other debond detectors which move while maintaining contact with
        the object surface, the Woodpecker taps intermittently while moving and
        therefore the hammer head is in itself less subject to wear.


Mitsui Woodpecker WP632AM is manufactured by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.