CADEX Announces Japan Air Commuter's Adoption of Woodpecker WP632AM Portable Tapping Tester

TOKYO, November 1, 2010

CADEX KK of Tokyo, Japan, today announced that Japan Air Commuter (JAC) has adopted the Woodpecker WP632AM portable tapping exfoliation detector in its operations. The Woodpecker WP632AM is manufactured by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding and is marketed globally by CADEX.

The Woodpecker WP632AM is designed to use the tapping method to inspect bonds in multilayered structure composite materials such as honeycomb panels, GFRPs and CFRPs. It allows nondestructive testing of these materials with convenience and easy operation. The use of a battery-operated solenoid hammer and built-in CPU make possible the mechanization of bond inspection and quantitative analysis.

JAC's adoption of the Woodpecker WP632AM came following the authorization and specification of the device as NDT equipment by Bombardier Aerospace for its Dash-8 Series 400 aircraft. The WP632AM is used to inspect composite materials-based leading edges and nacelle lower cowl assemblies of aircraft.

The Woodpecker WP632AM has been recognized as recommended testing equipment by Airbus Industries for its A320 and A340 aircrafts and by Bombardier Aerospace for its Dash-8 Series 400 aircraft.

About Japan Air Commuter KK

Japan Air Commuter (JAC) is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines (JAL) servicing domestic routes in Japan. The company is the first Japanese airline to introduce Bombardier's Dash-8 Series 400 aircraft in the Japanese market. The company currently operates more than 150 flights per day en route to more than 30 destinations in Japan.


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